Help us be environmental Heroes

Help us be environmental Heroes

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We are doing our best to manage our footprint by maintaining a majority of recycled packaging solutions. 

While we are super pleased with our efforts to wrap your goods in the most sustainable way we can, the journey to sustainability really begins when the delivery man arrives at your place. Please do your best to show the environment some love by Reusing, Recycling and Disposing of the wrapping most responsibly.

Kraft shipping cartons and mailer boxes 
100% Recycled
Kraft Packing tape 
100% Paper with Starch adhesive
AKWA HOME Packing Tape 
NOISSUE FSC Certified, 100% Recycled Paper / Non-toxic water-activated adhesive used, recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable.
AKWA HOME swing tags
NOISSUE FSC Certified, 50% Recycled White Coated Paper / 75% Recycled Kraft Uncoated Paper
Thankyou Card
FSC Certified, 50% Recycled White Coated Paper / 75% Recycled Kraft Uncoated Paper
Bundling wrap
Plastic packing tape 
BIOGONE Landfill-biodegradable
Plastic Bag 
(plain old plastic)


What is Redcycle?

REDcycle is a recycling program that diverts flexible plastics from landfill and turns them into a material that can be used to manufacture new products.

How do I Redcycle?

Drop your flexible plastic into the REDcycle collection bins at participating supermarkets. There are drop-off bins near the checkouts in 480 Coles stores and 100 Woolworths stores around the country, find your local using this store locator.

Landfill? That's not sustainable is it, what about microplastics?

We use BioGone packing tape and bundling wrap which are not made from your typical plastic, once disposed to landfill, biodegradation is accelerated approximately 90%+ faster than conventional plastic, producing an organic matter (a natural fertiliser) and no microplastics.



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