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At Akwa Home, we believe in the power of timeless design that endures the test of time. We prioritize quality over quantity by producing in small batches, reducing wastage and consumption. With our multifaceted floor cushions, we aspire to help our customers in making conscious choices that align with our sustainable ethos.

Our cushions are not just versatile, but also stunning in design, fitting seamlessly into any interior space. They serve multiple purposes - from being a cozy resting spot for your furry best friend to a soft play area for your kids, or even a meditation cushion for your yoga practice.

Crafted from thick, durable denim fabric, each piece is scratch-resistant and hard-wearing, perfect for outdoor use as well. Our artisans dye and stone wash each cushion by hand, creating a unique mottled effect that adds to the beauty of the product and also disguises dirt, scuffs, and fur marks, allowing it to retain its aesthetic appeal for longer.

Comfort is paramount to us, which is why our cushions are generously filled with 100% recycled PET fibre made from post-consumer water bottles, offering a plump and cozy feel. Our custom-designed cushion inserts feature an integrated Japara cotton lining, preventing any unsightly sagging, while the box edge design ensures that the cushions maintain their shape even with prolonged use. Additionally, the inclusion of a convenient zipper allows for easy refilling or adjustment, ensuring that the cushions always look their best.

We are passionate about our range and hope that our customers share our love for timeless, sustainable, and sophisticated design.

Lauren Poole
Founder, Akwa Home.